Quique Cruz has written a musical suite in three movements entitled:  “Arqueologia de la Memoria: Villa Grimaldi en Tres Cantos”.  The musical suite mixes two different musical types: Latin American ancestral folk and contemporary jazz. The Latin American music anchors the piece to the Chilean culture, and will symbolically represent the period of history before the coup d’etat. The use of jazz is a reflection about how communities in diaspora suffer transformations and develop new art forms.

The suite was recorded at Musiquito Productions in Oakland California by the Group Quijeremá. There are world known musicians collaborating in the project, including: guitarist Alex DeGrassi, pianist John Calloway, singer Fracisco “Pancho” Sazo; percussionist / composer; Sergio “Tilo Gonzalez, among others.  It will available in December 2006.

The Suite:

Arqueologia de la Memoria: Villa Grimaldi en Tres Cantos”

I Sueños / Dreams

II La Obscuridad y el Cuerpo / Darkness and the Body

  • Primer Llamado /  First Call     
  • El Muro de Los Nombres / The Wall of Names
  • Segundo llamado / Second Call

III Después del Fuego el Agua / After the Fire,  Water

  • El Agua / The Water    (sample mp3)
  • Después del Fuego / Alter the Fire
  • Koda: Despertar / coda: Awakening

Quijerema plays:

Quique Cruz: Composer, strings and an Andean winds
Jeremy Allen: Electric upright bass
Maria Fernanda Acuña:  percusión
David Barows: Saxes
John Calloway: Piano, silver flute

The composition of the music was funded by:
* The National Endowment for the Arts
* The Oshita Composer Fellowship
* The D’jerassi Foundation
* Puffin Foundation