Artists participating on project.

Quique Cruz is a writer, musician / composer, and media artist.  He is the creator, writer and art director of this project. Quique Cruz is also the coordinator and the producer of the book, the musical suite, exhibit and the documentary film. Quique Cruz is Ph.D. candidate in the “Modern Thought and Literature at Stanford University.” He holds a Masters in Latin American Studies from Stanford University and a B.A in History from UC Berkeley.  In 2002, he was recipient of a grant from the Ford Foundation to do the investigation for this project. (click para decargar curriculum)

Marilyn Mulford is a Sundance documentary warded filmmaker.  Her latest documentary film “Freedom on my Mind” was also nominated for an Oscar.  She is coo-producing and coo-directing the documentary film.  Her organization Interfaze Educational Productions is located at the Saul Zaentz Media Center Building, in Berkeley California.

Adam Kufeld is a noted photo-journalist and art photographer, Adam Kufeld. Norton and Company Press has published two of Mr. Kufeld’s photography books about Latin America and he has worked in Chile on two occasions.

Guillermo Prado is in charged for graphic designed in all of its aspects: the book, the CD cover and booklet,  as well as the graphics for the film and the web site.  Mr. Prado works from his 8point2 Design  Studio in Bekeley, California.  Besides his graphic work, Mr. Prado is an accomplished painter.

Lautaro Cline is a graphic designer and website producer.  Mr. Cline is in charge of web coding as well as collaborating with Mr. Prado in the designed of the web pages and other art forms. Presently studying in the Multimedia Arts Program at Berkeley City College

Quijerema is a performing arts quartet that celebrates and expands the cultures of the Americas through original music, poetry and multi-media art installations. Members of the ensemble play over thirty instruments, and have performed worldwide and appeared on regional, national and international radio and television. Quijeremá performs in theaters, festivals, museums, cultural centers and other venues. They also perform and conduct workshops for schools, libraries and other educationa institutions. In addition to performance, Quijeremá specializes in scoring music for film.